This hunt started out in my head as a fun opportunity for a couple of young ladies to be a part of our sisterhood and have an adventure with me.   I played out my thoughts with my fellow Sisterhood Staff and other friends and before I knew it this grew into an event. I had supporters, sponsors and gift donors from Wyoming to Georgia providing 4 girls and their families an opportunity of a lifetime.

The day has finally arrived, the girls, their family members, mentors and photographers all gather together for a family style dinner and instructions on how our hunt would go. It was a night filled with hellos, and hugs, and laughter and smiles that I wish the whole world could experience. New friendships and bonds that grew with each day of our hunt.

When hard work and perserverence pay off...No one said this was going to be easy!!! The Sisterhood of the Outdoors hunt concludes with 5 tags filled. We made every minute of every day count, we shared laughs, we shared dots, we shared tears. These 5 ladies overcame days filled with missed opportunities, missed stalks, belly crawling, cactus, WIND, flat tires, lack of sleep, the highs and lows of Antelope hunting. When it was their time, on just the right trophy each one of them made it happen!! I will be forever grateful to each one them for making my first year as a professional guide one to remember! I could write a book about our adventure, but I will keep it short (sort of), When you join a "CLUB", you become family, a sisterhood! These ladies not only took time away from their hunt so that I could watch my daughter play her last game of volleyball, they joined me!

Sika Deer run wild in the Chesapeake Bay Area of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I feel like this is a little-known fact but, it’s true...I’ve seen it myself. If you are looking for a unique and challenging bow hunting experience, hunting with Muddy Marsh Outfitters is what you need to do!! Muddy Marsh is located in Dorchester County, Maryland. Hunting wild Sika deer is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that you will not soon forget. Muddy Marsh Outfitters is a group of dedicated bowhunters catering only to bowhunters. The stand sites consist of baited permanent locations as well as portable stands allowing hunters to move with the action. Last year’s hunt with the Sisterhood of the Outdoors and Muddy Marsh we had ladies ages 16 to 60 and made memories to last a lifetime. You can be a lifelong bowhunter or just starting out looking for a challenging experience. Either way this hunt is unforgettable and an experience you will not want to miss.

During the hunting season, you have all summer to prep all of your hunting gear for long days in the woods. Once the season starts you find yourself losing track of time to keep up with washing loads of hunting gear using scent free detergent. Instead of the hassle of keeping up with washes or spraying down every time you have to enter the woods, I use an Ozone bag to eliminate any odors caused by bacteria that deer can pick up. Since I started using scent crusher products I enter the woods with more confidence that I won’t be detected. The night before I pack my gear bag, set it for 30 minutes, and when I wake up all of my gear is ready for the hunt. My muck boots, backpack, and anything I take to the stand with me goes into the Scent Crusher gear bag.

Dear Mr. Outdoors Etiquette,
I am an average, single male, height and weight proportionate, age ... well, age doesn't matter - let's just say I'm young at heart. I'm an outdoorsman, love to hunt and fish. I belong to DU, Trout Unlimited, and Pheasants Forever. I recently joined a small hunt club in my area, a small group of hunters renting three farms for waterfowl, deer, and upland game. There are a couple of ponds stocked with blue gills and large mouth - perfect for the summer months while I'm waiting for the early teal season. 

It is August 18, 2017 memories flood my facebook page with the last 10 years of my life and antelope hunting. The journey laid out perfectly in pictures, comments and memories from my friends. From my first antelope hunt, to taking my family on my hunting journey and getting them their first antelope, to meeting friends for the first time, first time archery hunts, first big game kills, building relationships and friendships, building our sisterhood.

A good support system….

You can try hard, you can work hard, you can work harder but sometimes you need good help.

I became a licensed antelope hunting guide this year with the help of a ton of people, my support system.  From family and friends, to colleagues and my employer.  All giving me advice and helping along the way.

When I finally got my license in the mail I needed to find some quality hunting places to take my new clients.  I started  driving through familiar lands hoping to spark something, writing down numbers on posts, trying to remember who was who and where I was at.  It all became very overwhelming.  One day I sat at my desk, frustrated and confused so I decided to try out an app I had heard about, onXmaps. After it was installed on my phone, I began looking at the information it provided, I began calling landowners and recognizing where places were and before I knew it I had some great new places to take my clients.

onXmaps has become one of my biggest support systems in providing me with landowner information and details so I know where I am at all times and will be a big part of my success as a hunting guide this year.

Follow me...big things are coming your way!

I had a vision as a hunting guide.  A vision to create a hunting experience like no others have.  It is about friendship, memories, and family.  Booking the hunts came easy at first.  The annual BBB ladies antelope hunt – SOLD OUT.  The ladies archery antelope hunt – SOLD OUT.   The couples hunt – SOLD OUT.  I wasn’t being greedy, but really needed to book a few more hunts for my season and the youth hunt I offered was not selling very well.  For a short time I felt defeated and lost.  But then I remembered why I was doing this.  All the lessons I have learned.

Not Your Average Hair Stylist

Most people never bat an eye when I tell them I'm a hairstylist. Its a pretty average job in my eyes, especially living in the suburbs of Milwaukee. I have been working behind the chair for 12 years now, and I really enjoy my job. Making people look and feel good is extremely rewarding. The time I get with each of my clients is 100% all about them, from the service itself to the conversations we have building our trust. When we get to that point in our relationship and the conversation shifts and my clients want to know more about my hobbies and interests, they soon find out that I'm not your average hairstylist!

Up to this point I already had a productive bow hunting season.  I had harvested two does.  Buck fever got the best of me in the early part of bow season and I missed a monster buck.  I had numerous encounters with other decent bucks, but couldn’t seal the deal on any.  I was patiently saving vacation days until I thought the time was right.  I want to think that I am becoming more knowledgeable at hunting whitetail, but I think luck plays a part also.  I had been watching the weather and a front was going to move through the state later in the week.  I thought this may be a good time to take off.  The buck activity had also been picking up.  I knew a particular area where a monster buck had been seen regularly.  I had always wanted to hunt this area, so I thought I would give it a try.  I hunted the area early in the week one evening & saw several doe, but nothing came close enough.  Later in the week when the front was moving through, I decided to give it another try.  I set up in the evening.  I didn’t see a thing.  I left my climber and decided I would give it another try in the morning.  It rained most of the night.  I kept a close watch on the radar.  As it got closer to time to getting up I had to make the decision of going in to work or getting a little wet.  It looked like the rain wouldn’t last much longer.  I just had this gut feeling I needed to be in a tree when it did quit raining.  So I put my rain gear on and headed out.  By the time I got to my tree the rain had let up and it was just a light drizzle.  I pulled my bow up and got situated.