During the hunting season, you have all summer to prep all of your hunting gear for long days in the woods. Once the season starts you find yourself losing track of time to keep up with washing loads of hunting gear using scent free detergent. Instead of the hassle of keeping up with washes or spraying down every time you have to enter the woods, I use an Ozone bag to eliminate any odors caused by bacteria that deer can pick up. Since I started using scent crusher products I enter the woods with more confidence that I won’t be detected. The night before I pack my gear bag, set it for 30 minutes, and when I wake up all of my gear is ready for the hunt. My muck boots, backpack, and anything I take to the stand with me goes into the Scent Crusher gear bag.

The Ozone-Go is perfect for my situation during waterfowl season with my lab. After long, wet, and muddy hunts he gets the truck really smelly. After running the Ozone-Go the smell disappears. For whitetail hunting on the road, sometimes I eat on-the-go before I go on a hunt and the smell lingers. I just run the Ozone-Go for 15 to 20 minutes before entering the woods and I am good to go.

Speaking from a hunter’s standpoint you will pretty much try anything to up your changes on succeeding in the field. You spend countless hours waiting for the right moment; the last thing you want is to ruin your chance by not trying new things to make it easier for you. Check out more on how this products works on Scent Crusher’s web site and Facebook page. It’s safe, it’s been field tested by me, and approved! Scent Crusher gets The Sisterhood Seal of Approval

Scent Off/Game On